The Reclamation Project, spearheaded by Basil Kincaid, Damon Davis and Eric 'Prospect' White, focuses on valuing community, diversity, heritage and inclusion all through a lens of creative recycling. We direct our focus on reclaiming the debris of our collective past and present as a way to forge a new future. Using found objects, we recycle creatively to address the interplay between poverty, consumerism, and environmentalism. Reclamation also focuses on Identity, exploring how ones surroundings effect their perception of self.

The Reclamation Project emphasizes inclusion in that at its core it is about recognizing our mutual participation in the American experience, and as it expands, in our global experience as a world community. By taking the art directly to the street it engages community dialogue which encourages inclusion in the issues that we address through the project

Conceptually the project is about a value of diversity, heritage and a value of the beauty within the experience of the oppressed. Reclamation emphasizes how our pain elevates our potential as creative beings. Through recognition of our inner beauty and the beauty of our communities we encourage inclusion in the reclamation process.

Inclusion means many things to us but foremost it means equal opportunity to have a voice in the creative dialogues that shape our culture and consciousness. By providing access to art making and by spreading an awareness of found object assemblage and sculpture we share tools with the community that show people that despite what level of ability people think that they have with relation to the arts, we all have the ability to create and make a difference through creative recycling.

The reclamation project began in St. Louis in 2012 and is currently ongoing in Ghana in collaboration with Ghanaian visual artists, poets and performance artists. We look to continue to expand with our sites set on Detroit Michigan, Helena Arkansas, Jackson Mississippi, New Orleans Louisiana, and Jamaica in the near future. Stay tuned to the movement! Visit the Music of Reclamation link below and follow the releases link to find the music of the reclamation project.

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