Meet The Team

Basil Kincaid - Visual Artist, Poet, Game Designer, Change Agent

Creating quenches my thirst for life. I make art for fun, for intellectual & spiritual exploration, for discipline & emotional expression. For me, making art is both meditation and prayer that affirms my self-esteem and proves that I exist. I play with a diverse set of art forms to express my love for humanity and to confront oppression. I draw, paint, collage and take photographs to process ideas that lead to the development of my larger bodies of work. I am particularly interested in working with found objects: the discarded & the abandoned. I enjoy finding and amplifying beauty in things and places that are often overlooked. I also love oil paint; it is often my vehicle for finished works. In my work, I often address concepts of identity, place, race and environmentalism. I also focus on issues facing the poor and people of color. I seek to shine light on these communities by bringing attention to abandoned spaces, decaying neighborhoods, and the people that live in them. I am designed for one purpose: to use art as a tool to heighten consciousness, proliferating a critical pursuit of freedom, in the spirit of love.

Damon Davis - Visual Artist, Musician, Producer, Storyteller, Change Agent

I have always been able to put myself in other people’s shoes. The empathy I have for others and their experiences is sometimes uncontrollable. It has given me a true passion for stories and storytelling . It has also made me a conduit for fostering collaboration and understanding between people. My creative process usually starts with a black line on white paper. Whether it is a preparatorydrawing a large scale visual piece or words to a song. My work is rooted in a philosophy of honesty and accessibility to all audiences. The wide range of media I use to tell these stories is always reflective of my eagerness to acquire new skills in telling these stories. Throughout my career, I hope to retain a fascination and wonder for creation and the process of storytelling.

Eric "Prospect" White - Writer, Poet, Rapper, Performer, Change Agent

Prospect is much more than just a rapper and hip hip artist, he is truly a visionary writer, poet and community leader. From co-founding youth art camps to active participation in the movement against systematic racism, Prospect sees the world in a unique way and conveys that through his presence and words. A pithy lyricist, Prospect is gifted beyond measure when wielding the English language. Prospect has a way of sparking inspiration in others and elevating consciousness with magnificent poise. His work inspired me to take my written works beyond the notebook into the realm of performance, encouraging me to share my poetry with the world. Prospect brings a unique vibe to The Reclamation Project, in his words he gives "voice to vision" and he does so with immaculate precision. His epigrammatic lyrics and poetry are gripping, making the work of reclamation accessible to a much wider audience especially within the communities that we serve. A graduate of the Community Arts Training institute through the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis, Prospect is devoted to community engagement as a change agent, catalyzing movement and agency within the community. In my experience Prospect never does anything half way, he gives every project and endeavor his all, doing whatever it takes to get the job done with excellence. Eager to learn, very adaptable, and conceptually insightful Prospect is a pleasure to work with and valuable member of any team but especially this one. Actively contributing to the production of the visual art works as well Prospect loves to challenge himself and grow through meeting new challenges that may seem outside of his areas of expertice

-- Basil Kincaid

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